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What are the Essentials for a First Aid Kit?

The following First Aid Standards may be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

NSW Workcover “Guide to First Aid in the Workplace – 2001”.

Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, Qld Government, Department of Industrial Relations, “First Aid Advisory Standard – 2004”

OHS Regulations + Code of Practice State by State in Australia:

Capital Territory Queensland Victoria Western Australia

New South Wales Tasmania Northern Territory South Australia

First Aid Advisory Standard 2004   First Aid Kit Contents

CONTENTS Quantity Use/Function
Adhesive Strips  (100 Fabric) 1 Minor Wound Dressing
Non-allergenic Adhesive Tape 1 Secure Dressings, Strapping
Eye Pads (5) 1 Emergency Eye Cover
Triangular Bandage 5 Slings, Support, Padding
Hospital Crepe or Conforming Bandage 2 x sm, 1 x lg Retain Dressings
Wound / Combine Dressings 3 x sm, 3 x lg Bleeding Control, Cover Wound
Non Adhesive Dressings 6 x sm, 3 x lg Wound Dressing
Safety Pins (10) 1 Secure Bandage, Slings
Scissors 12.5cm S/S 1 Cutting Dressings, Clothing
Kidney Dish 1 Hold Dressings & Implements
Liquid Container 1 Holds Liquids
Gauze Squares (5) 2 Wound Cleaning
Forceps / Tweezers 1 Remove Foreign Bodies
Disposable Latex Gloves (10) 1 Infection Control
Sharps Disposable Container 1 Infection Control
Sterile / Saline Water – 5 x 15ml or 3 x 30ml Emergency Eye Wash
Resuscitation Mask 1 For Use By Qualified Personnel
Antiseptic Solution 3 x 30ml Cleaning wounds and skin
Plastic Bags (12) 1 Waste Disposal
Hot / Cold Pack Reusable 1 For Treatment Of Strains, sprains & bruises
Note Pad & Pencil 1 Recording Injuries & Allergies

The contents below are suggested for a First Aid Kit at a workplace where the risk of injury or illness is low
The actual number and quantity of items in the First Aid Kits should be determined by the Risk Assessment undertaken for that workplace.

What about the Extras?

In addition to the above items, and not included in the Advisory Standard, some or all of the following may be appropriate to place in your First Aid Kits for specific risks identified in a workplace.

Antiseptic Swabs
Antiseptic Handwash
Antiseptic Cream
Antiseptic Powder
Cotton Tips
Burn Spray
Burn Soothing Cream
Burn Soothing Pads
Skin Cooling Dressings
Fire Blanket
Eye Shower
Saline Pour Bottle
Eye Wipe
Eye Drops/Lotion
Eye Bath Cup
Emergency Blanket
Splinter Probes
Strip Closures
Visually Detectable Dressings




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