Aero Eyewash Station Aero Eyewash Station
$129.80 $121.00  
Aero Refills Aero Refills
$20.45 $19.25  
Biohazard Waste Bag Biohazard Waste Bag
$6.05 $5.40  
Burn Aid Gel 50g Burn Aid Gel 50g
$12.70 $11.50  
CPR Pocket Mask CPR Pocket Mask
$29.60 $27.00  
Instant Cold Pack [Disposable] Instant Cold Pack [Disposable]
$6.60 $5.75  
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Welcome to E First Aid Kit

Thank you for visiting our website. Here you can purchase a First Aid Kit for your Home, Car, Boat or Work or replenish your First Aid Kits contents, easily with our safe, easy to use and fast online ordering system.

On checkout please be sure to CONFIRM your order, this means the order is forwarded by email to us. You can also ring or fax to order.

Phone/ Fax: 07 5448 3809.

We are located at Peregian beach in Queensland, and are a small business operating from home. We  supply to all states. We make up First Aid Kits suitable for all applications, and can make up kits custom made for you. Just ring or email for a quote. 

Many of the items in a  First Aid Kit have a shelf life.  Here you can buy all  the bits you need, to replace used or expired items. Our first aid supplies are top quality, from reliable Australian wholesalers and distributors, our prices are competitive, and we offer fast delivery. We nearly always ship within 24 hours of receiving your order, and if unable to do this, we will let you know.

We also provide First Aid Supplies, such as CPR masks, manikins, Resuscitation Kits, and Defibrillators. 

Shipping is FREE on orders over $100 and GST is included (if applicable) in the displayed price in our store.

Payment Methods: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cheques, Money Orders and Bank Transfers. If worried by paying over the net, just ring us.

All products are covered by a  money back guarantee.

Remember you  can also phone or fax 07 5448 3809 to place an order, or to pay by credit card.

Items will be sent out by Australia Post, or Courier depending on your location..

Use CATEGORIES on the left sidebar or click on the links below to navigate to the products you are looking for. Or you can use our "search box", some customers have phoned to say the search box works really well.

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