Tobin Emergency Eyewash

Tobin Eye Wash is extremely popular for both personal and workplace use. It has a simple and easy to use system that has many built in safety features. 

Tobin Eyewash has proven to be both a fast and also safe way to remove chemicals and other foreign objects from the eyes. Serious damage can be caused to the eyes within a few seconds, so immediate action is crucial.

In the event of an emergency, an Eyewash Station should be within reach. Continuous, uninterupted washing over a lengthy period of time is very important. The 5 bottle Tobin Eyewash Stand provides 15 minutes of washing time which could just save your eyesight.

After opening the Eyewash bottle must be used quickly or thrown away. When left unopened each bottle has a 3 year shelf life, and the expiry date is clearly marked on the side of each bottle.

Tobin Eye Wash is an easy to use system which is both safe and affordable whether it’s for personal or commercial use.